Liste des variantes du F4u

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Type: Carrier based single-seat fighter
Origin: Chance Vought Aircraft
First Flight: May 29, 1940


F4U-1B Designation given to aircraft supplied to UK.
F4U-1C Version with four 20mm cannon in place of wing armament.
F4U-1D Version with R-2800-8W engine and revised armament (also built by Brewster as the F3A-1D and by Goodyear as the FG-1D)
F4U-1P Photo Recon variant
F4U-2 Night fighter variant.
F4U-3 Very high altitude prototype. 13 built by Goodyear as the FG-3 and used by the U.S. Navy for research flights.
F4U-4 Second major variant. Equiped with either R-2800-18W or R-2800-42W powerplants
F4U-4C Version with four 20mm cannon in place of wing armament.
F4U-4E Night fighter variant with APS-3 AI Radar.
F4U-4N Night fighter variant with APS-5 or APS-6 AI Radar.
F4U-4P Photo Recon variant.
F4U-5 Post-WWII Fighter bomber variant with R-2800-32W powerplant.
F4U-5N Night fighter variant of F4U-5.
F4U-5P Tactical recon variant.
XF4U-6 Low-Altitude prototype with R-2800-83W engine with additional armor and weapons stores capabilty. 110 built under designation AU-1
F4U-7 Final production variant based on AU-1 but with R-2800-18W, total of 90 built and supplied French Aeronavale through MAP.
Corsair Mk. I Fleet Air Arm designation of F4U-1.
Corsair Mk. II Fleet Air Arm designation of F4U-1A.
Corsair Mk. III Fleet Air Arm designation of F3A-1D.
Corsair Mk. IV Fleet Air Arm designation of FG-1D.

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